Denominational Links

Neighbouring Christian Reformed Churches

First Christian Reformed Church, Barrie

33 Shirley Ave, Barrie
Phone: 705-734-9166

Barrie Covenant Christian Reformed Church

101 Ardagh Road, Barrie
Phone: 705-734-0651

Alliston Christian Reformed Church

22 Downey Avenue, Alliston
Phone: 705-435-6522

Denominational Organizations

Christian Reformed Church in North America

Surf this site to learn more about the beliefs of the Christian Reformed denomination and its history. Search a directory of the denominational agencies and ministries, or its 1000 plus member churches, or to access a variety of resources.

Classis Toronto

Classis Toronto seeks to foster ministry in and among the local congregations. Find out more about the ministries of and resources available within the churches of Classis Toronto.

Resonate Global Mission

Resonate Global Mission, a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church, is bringing the gospel to people, neighborhoods, communities, churches, and the world.
In partnership with over 1000 Christian Reformed congregations in Canada and the US, we equip missional leaders, guide new church development, and partner with churches and ministries worldwide. Our name, Resonate, means striking a chord or causing an expanding, amplifying sound. A sound that resonates is deep, clear, builds over time, and goes out in every direction. The world is at our doorstep. Let’s resonate mission in our neighborhood and around the world.

World Renew

World Renew is “a relief, development, and educational ministry supported by the Christian Reformed Church in North America” that works in over 30 countries of the world “to create permanent, positive change in Christ’s name.” Find out about the organization’s program areas and how to get involved.
World Renew works to live justice, love mercy and to walk humbly with God.