The vision and goals process initiated in 1998 led our congregation to examine where we are going (vision),
what we’ll do in ministry to get there (mission),
and what we find important in doing ministry (core ministry values).

Mission Statement

As followers of Christ, we are called by God to:

  • glorify Him in all we do,
  • gather people around His Word, and
  • grow ever-deepening relationships with Him and each other in all of life.

Core Ministry Values

As part of the Christian Reformed denomination, we value:

  • preaching and teaching based on the truths of God’s Word with the goal of making us more Christlike
  • the final authority of Scripture for all faith and life issues
  • Reformed doctrine
    • God rules over all areas of our lives
    • God works through all of history to save His world
    • God establishes a covenant relationship with us saying, “I am your God; you are my people”
  • Kingdom work that can be seen and experienced in all areas of life eg. education, politics, labour, justice, etc.
  • organization of ministries and church discipline through channels provided by the Christian Reformed denomination
  • nurture and discipleship carried out within the context of family and relationship

As members of our local community of believers at Living Hope CRC, we value:

  • visible care ministry
  • fellowship
  • intercessory prayer
  • authentic worship
  • family
  • unity in diversity
  • use of each individual’s God-given gifts